Welcome to the web home of Texas author Mae Durden-Nelson, whose books bring history alive for middle-school readers. Mae also collaborates with husband Bill Nelson to make music under their Winsome Mergings label.

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Mae was the recipient of the Gillespie County Historical Award 2014

Sixty Years at Home--At The Range, A Daughter's Heritage; The Texas-German Approach to the Joy of Good Basic Cooking.

    With 238 recipes (old and new) plus stories about cooking in an old-time kitchen, this book is again about my mother and growing up in her shadow spending a great deal of our time in the kitchen preparing food, not only for our large family but often times for large work crews of neighbors who exchanged workdays during harvest time.--Mae Durden-Nelson

Also on this website: a selection of Bill Nelson’s photographs that illustrate Mae’s books.

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Comfort-Heritage author-sign-books

Authors sign books in Comfort . . . A group of authors who have written about the Comfort community and its history gathered at the Comfort Heritage Foundation Archives Building in Comfort to talk about and sign books…  A portion of their sales were shared with the Heritage Foundation.
Authors are back row (l to r), Voy Altheas from Fredericksburg and his book Blue Down South: A story of the Loyal Germans of the Texas Hill Country During the Civil War;  Heritage President, Brenda Seidensticker;  Mrs. Paul Burrier and  Paul Burrier, Sr. Leakey historian whose ancestors fought on both the Union and Confederate sides of the Civil War and his book: August Siemering’s translation of The Germans in Texas during the Civil War.  Seated is Mae Durden-Nelson and her husband Bill Nelson.  On table are displayed all of Durden-Nelsons’s books which are based on Texas history and were written between 2003 and 2013.

Another most unique experience . . .


Photo shows author, Mae Durden-Nelson, mystery guest, reading excerpts from her latest book SIXTY YEARS…AT HOME AT THE RANGE to entertain dinner party guests at Frankie Parson’s cooking school  BOOK APPETITT.  After her book talk and reading excerpts, the hostess served a formal dinner featuring a menu of recipes she had prepared out of Durden-Nelson’s unique cookbook which is a combination of old time recipes and stories about her cooking experiences as a young child during the depression era along side her mother. 

Author Mae Durden-Nelson was invited to speak to four groups of second graders at Comfort Elementary School (over 200 students total). Her mission was  to introduce the students to the story of the Civil War and the True to the Union monument  in Comfort.  The class had read SON OF DEFIANCE and GENESIS, BEGINNING AGAIN.a-nation-divided


The author and her husband, Bill Nelson, utilized a giant wall map of the US and after locating Comfort in Texas, a smaller US map was shown students and the states that ceded from the union during the Civil War were pulled away from this map.   After each class session, students walked to the monument a block away from the school to complete the unique lesson on the monument’s history.



The Comfort Area Republican Women invited the public to a Wine and Cheese reception at The Frog and the Dragonfly to honor Mae Durden-Nelson as the Outstanding Woman of Comfort.  Mae talked about her experience as an educator and author and debuted her latest book.  Shown alongside Durden-Nelson is her son Don who spoke briefly about this unique honor. 

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